Power Rankings

2018 Toppa Bowl Champions

Finally Won the JBiggs One!

In JBiggs’ 1st ever trip to the Toppa Bowl, Driveway Beers πŸ»πŸˆπŸ‘€ thrashed Mr. BoomBoom 157.25 to 112.75 in Toppa Bowl VIII to become 2018 James M. Toppa Sr. Memorial Fantasy Football League Champion.

You Da Real MVP… but also Fantasy MVP

It turns out in a SZN that was good enough to win him the NFL MVP, Patrick Mahomes also had a SZN good enough to dominate fantasy football. Mahomes was the number 1 player in Fantasy last year, scoring 618 points in the Toppa League. He powered Driveway Beers πŸ»πŸˆπŸ‘€’s offense to the best in Toppa League scoring 16 points-per-game more than the next best offense in the league. That high powered offense had no problem blowing out Mr. BoomBoom by 44 points.

“At the end of the day, we’re all gonna die.”

After the game, Mr. BoomBoom coach, RhysNice, said “Definitely, I got out coached. I didn’t do nearly good enough for our fantasy football team.” While Mr. BoomBoom came into the Toppa Bowl as the second highest scoring team of the 2018 Toppa League SZN, they were no match for the high powered offense of Driveway Beers πŸ»πŸˆπŸ‘€.

Little Brother No More

After several years of watching his brother put together the Toppa League’s first every dynasty, JBiggs was able to step out of his brother’s shadow and become a champion in his own right. The DeSantiseseseses join the Wood brothers as the only other people who are related to each other and also are champions.


After never finishing better than 3rd, and never making the Toppa Bowl, JBiggs dominated the entire 2018 Toppa League SZN. He scored the 3rd most points in Toppa League history. He scored the 5th most points ever in a Toppa Bowl and won by the 3rd largest margin in history. He never lost twice in a row all SZN long. When he was interviewed after the game, JBiggs said, “You know, I’m just so proud of these guys. We knew we had something special. From those first driveway beers, we knew we had a chance to do something great. It really was a team effort. Everyone on this fantasy roster helped us get here today.”

Pay Him His Money!

He played the game just as well as anyone else in the league, if not exceptionally better. It’s time to pay him what he deserves.


Let’s pretend I wrote this 8 months ago. Congrats Josh, you whupped my ass.

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