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2017 Toppa Bowl Champions

JD won Toppa Bowl VII to become back-to-back champions

2017 PowerRanks – Toppa Bowl Preview

Fantasy Football Dog Shits of the Year and previewing Toppa Bowl VII

2017 PowerRanks – Conference Championship Preview

The Thursday Night Football Drinking Game

2017 Power Ranks – Divisional Playoff Preview

The 2017 Toppa League Gift Guide

2017 Power Rankings – Week 12

The Thanksgiving Day Walkthrough

2017 Power Rankings – Week 11

I take on the #WarOnThanksgiving and rank things that happen on Thanksgiving day

2017 Power Ranks – Week 10

2017 Power Rankings – Week 9

A scientific rating system of public bathrooms

2017 Power Ranks – Week 8

PowerRanking the symptoms of being sick

2017 Power Ranks – Week 7

A trip to IKEA, plus my favorite recurring PowerRanks gimmick: Sexy Costumes

2017 Power Ranks – Week 6

Vest weather inspired me to write an ode to my vest

2017 Power Rankings – Week 5

I wrote a children’s story about US Soccer to express my frustrations about them failing to qualify for the World Cup

2017 Power Rankings – Week 4

2017 Power Rankings – Week 3

Super powers, PowerRanked

2017 Power Rankings – Week 2

I thought I had ball cancer

2017 Power Rankings – Week 1

Overreactions Very accurate reactions to Week 1 of the 2017 NFL season

2017 Going-into-the-SZN PowerRanks

Plus the pros & cons of fall

2017 Pre-Toppa Draft PowerRankings

Ranking the foodstuffs of the Toppa Draft

2017 Premier League Power Ranks

I ranked the 20 teams in the Premier League to choose which one you should root for

2017 Toppa Invite Power Ranks

Spotify Summer Rewind

Spotify made me a Summer Playlist. I rated it.

A Take Unlike Any Other

Golf sucks.

2016 Power Rankings – Toppa Bowl

JD won Toppa Bowl VI.

2016 Power Rankings – Week 15

Heartfelt commercials are wack.

2016 Power Rankings – Week 14

I power ranked the Top 10 Emoji of 2016.

2016 Power Rankings – Week 13

Advent calendars are the shit.

2016 Power Rankings – Week 12

Rhys Nice was Wrong.

2016 Power Rankings – Week 11

2016 Power Rankings – Week 10

2016 Power Rankings – Week 9

Tips for surviving Thanksgiving in the time of Trump

Any Given Rhysday

Bill Simmons lost his show, I applied for the job.

2017 Power Rankings – Week 8

I joked how awful the future would be if Donald Trump became president, and then it fucking happened!

2016 Power Rankings – Week 7

Post Bridge Run Power Rankings

2016 Power Rankings – Week 6

I came up with a complex scoring metric to tell if a wedding is good or not.

2016 Power Ranks – Week 4

I moved to Brooklyn and lived to tell the tale.

2016 Power Ranks – Week 3

Nobody trades in Fantasy Football.

2016 Power Ranks – Week 2

Random football musings

2016 Power Ranks – Week 1

I moved in with my girlfriend and lived to tell the tale.

2016 Preseason Power Ranks

Pre Toppa Draft VI Power Rankings

Also some Dog Shit of the Year for 2015 candidates

Toppa Draft VI Invite Power Rankings

The Olympics are Dope

…and let me tell you why

Rules for a Perfect 4th of July

Flames Emoji Take: College Basketball Sucks

Best Experience Beers Power Ranked

The 5 best Experience Beers you’ll ever drink.

What time is the Super Bowl?

Previewing Super Bowl 50

Divisional Power Ranks?

Previewing the 2015 Divisional Playoffs

2015 Week 16 Power Rankings: Toppa Bowl

#Nick won Toppa Bowl V.

2015 Week 15 Power Rankings

I talked about the experience of seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but not the actual movie itself.

2015 Week 14 Power Rankings

Random Christmas Rankings

2015 Week 13 Power Rankings

I try to make football better. Again. Because the rules are dumb.

2015 Week 12 Power Rankings

Football at a bar actually sucks.

2015 Week 11 Power Rankings

Week 4 of the Thanksgiving Foodstuffs Bracket

2015 Week 10 Power Rankings

Week 3 of the Thanksgiving Foodstuffs Bracket

2015 Week 9 Power Rankings

Week 2 of the Thanksgiving Foodstuffs Bracket

2015 Week 8 Power Rankings

Week 1 of the Thanksgiving Foodstuffs Bracket

2015 Week 7 Power Rankings

I tell a story about my awful neighbors, also PowerRanking by sexy halloween costumes.

2015 Week 6 Power Rankings

Boom Boom was out of town, so I watched all the sports.

2015 Week 5 Power Rankings

Meet LA Rhys

2015 Week 4 Power Rankings

I played DraftKings for a week and all I got was shitty T-shirt.

2015 Week 3 Power Rankings

2015 Week 2 Power Rankings

2015 Week 1 Power Rankings

A week by week list of potential –gate controversies

2015 Preseason Power Ranks

More Deflategate ranting

2015 PreDraft Rankings

Toppa Draft Invite Power Rankings

2015 NFL Schedule Power Rankings

Randomly ranking potential games of the 2015 season when the schedule came out

Fridge Space Power Rankings

I received a Save The Date, but had to no room on my fridge for it. The only way to determine what leaves was through Power Ranks.

Emergency #Deflategate Power Rankings

2014 Week 16 Power Rankings: Super Bowl

PWood won Toppa Bowl IV.

2014 Week 15 Power Rankings: Conference Champioship Edition

Wherein I fix football

2014 Week 14 Power Rankings: Playoff Edition

2014 Week Whogivesafuck Power Rankings

Oh right, I got drunk and wrote a post. It was a bad idea.

2014 Week 12 Power Rankings

Take: Thanksgiving is the best holiday

2014 Week 11 Power Rankings

When I first declared my love for RedZone

2014 Week 10 Power Rankings

A photo essay recap of my week in San Francisco.

2014 Week 9 Power Rankings

PowerRanks were based on SkyMall items

2014 Week 8 Power Rankings

PowerRanks were based on Halloween treats

2014 Week 7 Power Rankings

2014 Week 6 Power Rankings

In which I rant about pumpkin flavored things

2014 Week 5 Power Rankings

2014 Week 4 Power Rankings

2014 Week 3 Power Rankings

I apparently was “fucking” pissed this week.

2014 Week 2 Power Rankings

#Nick trash talked at Braga Bowl, and I was sad I missed it.

2014 Week 1 Power Rankings

The first ever Toppa League Power Rankings.