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2021 Power Ranks – Week 8

#PowerRankings A lot of holidays have this cycle where they’re fun when you’re a little kid, then they become more transactional as a teenager (“Hey adult, just gimme the candy/presents.”), then they become an excuse to dress up and get drunk. Then in your 30s they become this obligation that you have to spend money/travel/see… Continue reading 2021 Power Ranks – Week 8

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2021 Power Ranks – Week 7

It's Halloween! Time for some terrible sexy costumes. Except not. Well, I mean there are some truly terrible costumes out there. They're all bad, but not offensively bad like previous years. When I first started doing this, I would have trouble whittling the pile down to 12. There were just so many terrible, weird, awful… Continue reading 2021 Power Ranks – Week 7

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PowerRanks 2021 – Week 4

#PowerRankings Two two hundo burgers this week! I don’t know if that’s ever happened before! 12. Bath Salts & Celery I mean at this point, try and shoot the moon. Like, if Buckets actually tries the whole SZN and loses every game, I say we give him a belt.  11. Return of the Mac Vegas… Continue reading PowerRanks 2021 – Week 4

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PowerRanks 2020 – Toppa Bowl Preview

Merry Fucking Christmas!! No time for an intro, there’s Christmas shopping to do (don’t go out shopping), meet ups at the bar (don’t go to the bar), and family gatherings to go to (don’t go to family gatherings). Let’s get to the recaps! Conference Championship Recaps #4 The Lasso Special 158.95#1 Le Champion 155.45 Whew!… Continue reading PowerRanks 2020 – Toppa Bowl Preview

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Power Ranks 2020 – Conference Championship Preview

It’s probably for the best that I didn’t write a blog this year because this way you’d all be spared my #RonaTaeks. And they probably would’ve gotten less and less funny each week, as the whole thing gets more and more frustrating and obvious the NFL just really doesn’t care.  My favorite highlights were when… Continue reading Power Ranks 2020 – Conference Championship Preview