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2017 Power Ranks – Week 8

I was sick this week. There's nothing more fun than being sick on the weekend of Halloween. "What are you dressing up as this year?" My bed. As my symptoms got worse and worse, I started to wonder which ones I hated more. This got me thinking about PowerRanking symptoms of being sick. Without further… Continue reading 2017 Power Ranks – Week 8

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2017 Power Ranks – Week 7

Me and the old lady took a trip to IKEA this past weekend. Going to IKEA is a scary proposition because it’s a labyrinth designed to keep you inside and give you Stokholm syndrome (pun intended) into wanting all the shit they sell. Oooh look this lamp is only $3.50! I feel like we could… Continue reading 2017 Power Ranks – Week 7

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2017 Going-into-the-SZN PowerRanks

I woke up Tuesday morning after Labor Day and felt the familiar feeling of “well summer is over, back to school* and time for fall.” It was instantly depressing. It made me want to write a post where the gist was basically: “Fuck Fall”. But then I got home from work that day, and the… Continue reading 2017 Going-into-the-SZN PowerRanks

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Week 8 Power Rankings

Happy Halloween motherfuckers! Halloween, a time when adults get to dress up and get drunk. A time when lazy guys can put a red sox hat and say, “I’m Big Papi”. A time when those really creative people can put in like two weeks of work, sewing their own costume and then show everyone else up… Continue reading Week 8 Power Rankings