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2017 Power Rankings – Week 11

One of the things that our Cheeto dusted Scrotum in Chief campaigned on was the “War on Christmas” and that, if he became President, we were going to get to say “Merry Christmas” to each other as much as we wanted. Who the fuck was lamenting this?!?! You know what I see outside right now… Continue reading 2017 Power Rankings – Week 11

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2017 Going-into-the-SZN PowerRanks

I woke up Tuesday morning after Labor Day and felt the familiar feeling of “well summer is over, back to school* and time for fall.” It was instantly depressing. It made me want to write a post where the gist was basically: “Fuck Fall”. But then I got home from work that day, and the… Continue reading 2017 Going-into-the-SZN PowerRanks

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Week 6 Power Rankings

Well, it's fall in New York. You wouldn't know it, because it's still like 75 fucking degrees. But I can tell, because all the leaves are dying and everything tastes like pumpkin. Nothing says fall like death and pumpkins. Seriously, if Steve Harvey surveyed 100 people what their first thought was when some when said "Fall",… Continue reading Week 6 Power Rankings