Power Rankings

PowerRanks 2021 – Week 3


12. Stage Coach’s Sashay Cafe

In 3 weeks Buckets has had the lowest score in week 1, and then the second-lowest In weeks 2 and 3. Yahoo graded him an F, a C, and a D+ over those 3 weeks, and he’s averaging 105 points per week this SZN.

11. I draft drunk

A 1-point loss in the Malasada Bowl keeps Micho winless. I’d like to tell you that Micho’s team isn’t as bad as it looks… so I’ll move on.

10. Coffin Flops

Nothing like playing the worst team in the league to pick up that first “W” of the SZN. We can build on this!

9. Return of the Mac

While winning the Malasada Bowl gives Austin bragging rights, beating Micho for the first win of the SZN is nothing to really brag about.

8. Beer Gut Method

After putting up a Two Hundo Burger in week one, JBiggs has barely put up 200 over the last two weeks.

7. #01CamTacoCatMac10#

Lost two in a row and only put 110 in a loss this week. Things aren’t looking too good.

6. Tua Lipa

Going into Sunday night, JeffWho was winning by a point. His LB was going up against George Kittle for Brendo. Kittle put up 11 points, and JD’s linebacker only put up 6.5. Both had a tackle in the game, which is always fun.

5. Blue_Fuse

I was getting a little worried here that Timmy’s team might actually be good. Good to know that all is right in the universe. Couldn’t break 100 in 56 point blowout.

4. TB12 of Pink Football

After losing week 1, Brendo’s team has won 2 straight and is middle of the pack in points. He’ll be fine.


Rooms at the Rodeway Inn are $94 / night! And that doesn’t even include the $500 you lose when someone robs your room while you’re out during the day. I feel like they should be PAYING you $94 a night to stay there. It does include a Buffet Breakfast. Which is probably just left over pizza from Domino’s next-door.

2. Ron Swanson

“Friends: one to three (3-0) is sufficient.”

1. The Hungry Heifer

This was PWood’s lowest scoring week, and first time he put up under 160 points, and he was still the third highest team in the league this week.

Survivor Update: Samsies

Time’s up! Jacksonville plays the Bengals (-7.5) in the Big Chili. I have no words about this game. Just… nothing.

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