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Toppa Conference Championship Weekend Preview

Looking at social media, you see a lot of the same phrases over and over and over and over and over and overandoverandoverandover again. And even worse, you see a number of them used in the wrong context which makes it even worse. I decided I was going to power rank these phrases but I… Continue reading Toppa Conference Championship Weekend Preview

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Power Ranks 2020 – Conference Championship Preview

It’s probably for the best that I didn’t write a blog this year because this way you’d all be spared my #RonaTaeks. And they probably would’ve gotten less and less funny each week, as the whole thing gets more and more frustrating and obvious the NFL just really doesn’t care.  My favorite highlights were when… Continue reading Power Ranks 2020 – Conference Championship Preview

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2018 Power Ranks – Conference Championship Preview

It’s the Christmastime SZN which means there are radio stations playing nothing but Christmas carols and there are TV channels playing nothing but Christmas movies. How can there possibly be so many Christmas movies?! Want a little taste? We’ve got My Christmas Inn, The Christmas Contract, Christmas Around the Corner, Christmas Pen Pals, A Christmas… Continue reading 2018 Power Ranks – Conference Championship Preview

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2017 PowerRanks – Toppa Bowl Preview

Well, we've reached the end of the Fantasy Football SZN and that means it's time to give out the Dog Shits of the Year. 2017 Dog Shits of the Year   Before we start, let me just say that injuries are not factored into the 2017 DSOY awards, as those aren't the fault of the… Continue reading 2017 PowerRanks – Toppa Bowl Preview

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2017 PowerRanks – Conference Championship Preview

At least I made it to the playoffs. This week's playoff matchups were pretty crazy. In a year when the weekly team average score was 10 points less than the last 5 years, this week's 4 winning teams scored an average of 173 points. My team did not score 173 points. Plus I broke my… Continue reading 2017 PowerRanks – Conference Championship Preview

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2016 Power Rankings – Toppa Bowl

FINALLY! It was never really in doubt, as Wide Right defeats Dr.MarkusWheatonBlvd 172.60 - 95.60 in Toppa Bowl VI to become the 2016 James M. Toppa Sr Memorial Fantasy Football League champion. From Blowing in Championships to Blow Out Champion The 77-point win was the biggest margin of victory in Toppa Bowl history. The previous record… Continue reading 2016 Power Rankings – Toppa Bowl

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2016 Power Rankings – Week 15

I've noticed a lot of heartfelt commercials lately. I don't know what it is. Why do these commercials have to be so sad? Back in my day, a commercial during a football game consisted of a giant Ice Train that delivers COLD BEER and LADIES IN BIKINIS. Those were the good old days. Are they… Continue reading 2016 Power Rankings – Week 15

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2016 Power Rankings – Week 14

I recently saw a list of the top 10 emojis of 2016. What a better way to see how the world thought and felt during 2016. Let's break down the list. 10. 💙 Blue Heart Teens love the emoji and nothing is more “teen” than a Blue Heart. Ugh. “It’s like, I’m in love. But love is… Continue reading 2016 Power Rankings – Week 14