James M. Toppa Sr. Memorial Fantasy Football League

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2017 Toppa Bowl Champions

Champions Again!

JD_ChampsAgain.pngTiger’s Wood defeats Finding Foerster 130.85 to 101.65 in Toppa Bowl VII to become the first ever back-to-back James M. Toppa Sr. Memorial Fantasy Football League champion.

Twice as Nice


I guess defense really does win championships. The Los Angeles Chargers defense put up 20 points against the Jets early Sunday afternoon. Kwon Alexander added another 10 points, which was enough to put JD up by 30 at that point. From there, JD never looked back to become 2017 Toppa League champion.



Could JD be the best Toppa player ever? JD has now been to 4 Toppa Bowls in a row, 5 total, and won the last two. He has the highest winning percentage in league history, has the most wins in league history, is the only team to have 50 regular-season wins, is tied for the most Toppa Bowl championships and has never missed the playoffs.

Turnt Up


Tiger’s Wood knew how to turn it on for the playoffs. JD’s team averaged 164.13 points per game in their three playoff matchups. They didn’t lose a game by less than 30. A lot of that came from Kareem Hunt, who hadn’t scored in double digits in 6 weeks coming into the playoffs, but scored 83 total points in his three playoff games.

Déjà Vu All Over Again


After losing in a blowout in Toppa Bowl VI, Buckets established himself as the best team in the 2017 season, winning 10 games and securing the number one seed. He won his first two playoff matchups by scoring 328 total points in two games. He found himself once again up against JD in the Toppa Bowl. And once again, he didn’t have enough to defeat JD. Buckets has got to be thinking what can he do to beat JD.

JD Scores Buckets


In a year when scoring had been down across the league, JD’s 130.85 points was the lowest winning score in Toppa Bowl history. It was more than enough though. Buckets put up the third lowest score of any team to play in the Toppa Bowl. He now owns the lowest and third-lowest scores in Toppa Bowl history.

1 Championship, 2 Championships, …


Last year was about breaking the curse. This year was about establishing dominance. “Last year was awesome,” JD said to a reporter. “But this year is almost better. This year shut up all the critics. Silenced the haters. They thought it was a fluke. But this proves it’s not. And there’s no reason why we can’t go out and win it again next year. The best championship is the next one.”


Congrats JD. You played one hell of a season start to finish.

Well, that’s one more Toppa League SZN in the books. I for one am already looking forward to next year’s cookout and draft.

Have a happy New Year everybody and, as always, thanks for reading (and enjoying?) this trash I put on the internet.


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2016 Power Rankings – Toppa Bowl



It was never really in doubt, as Wide Right defeats Dr.MarkusWheatonBlvd 172.60 – 95.60 in Toppa Bowl VI to become the 2016 James M. Toppa Sr Memorial Fantasy Football League champion.

From Blowing in Championships to Blow Out Champion


The 77-point win was the biggest margin of victory in Toppa Bowl history. The previous record was when PWood defeated JD in Toppa Bowl IV, a record I’m sure JD is happy to now be on the other side of. JD also put up the second highest score in Toppa Bowl history.

Strong When It Mattered


JD was an unlikely champion. He ended the season losing 4 of his last 6. But as the playoffs went on, JD’s team got stronger and stronger. JD only scored 117 points in the first round of the playoffs, but managed to squeak out a win over Micho by 7. He then put up 143 points in the West Lot Championship, blowing out Woody by 58. This week with everything on the line, JD’s team scored 172 points in a blowout championship victory over Buckets.

DeSantis, Bryant, Wilson & Watkins Money Management Inc.


DeSantis & DeSantis & Associates may be looking to add a few more partners to the firm, namely Russell Wilson, Sammy Watkins, and Dez Bryant. Wilson threw for 350 yards and 4 TDs, and finished the weekend with 54.10 points. That was good for the second highest fantasy point total of Week 16. Watkins and Bryant both put up their highest total of the season, each putting up more than 25 points (Watkins: 29.40, Bryant: 25.50). That ended up being all JD would really need to secure the championship belt.

There’s a Hole in the Buckets


After putting up 172 points last week, Buckets’s team could only put up a disappointing 95.60 points this week. JD was able to turn the tables on Buckets and put up 172 of his own.

Couldn’t Buy a Buckets


Almost every player underperformed for Buckets team. 10 of his 12 players scored below their projected scores. Only Jimmy Graham (10.30) and Ryan Shazier (11.50) scored better than their projections. Even worse, only Graham, Shazier, Cam Newton (16.50) and the NY Giants defense (13.00) scored in double digits. The end result was only 95.60 total points, which was the lowest score in Toppa Bowl history.

3rd 4th Time’s a Charm


This was JD’s 4th trip to the Toppa Bowl, coming up short the previous 3 times before this one. JD wasn’t feeling terribly confident after going 0-3 in Toppa Bowl’s up to this point. Word is, he didn’t even watch football this weekend, because he couldn’t deal with losing again.

First Cleveland. Then the Cubs. Now JD.


The impossible happened. JD was called a loser. They said nobody had more dumb luck than JD. He was called the Buffalo Bills of the Toppa League. He was called the Peyton Manning of the JMTSMFFL. He was the Cincinatti Bengals.

Well, the perpetual loser… won. Now, JD can call himself what only 4 others in the Toppa League can: Champion.

Special JDelivery


The victory parade is scheduled to march down Thames Street this week and officials are expecting record crowds. Fans never thought this day would come. They’re taking every opportunity to celebrate. There could be tens of people out to see JD march the Toppa Belt down Thames Street.

It’s Gonna Be One Hell of a Party


“I don’t care what people say about this year, 2016 was the best year of my life!” JD said in an interview while spraying himself with champagne. “Oh yeah, I guess the whole kid thing was pretty good too.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.41.21 AM

Well, another James M. Toppa Sr. Memorial Fantasy Football League season is in the book. Congratulations JD, you’re (finally) a champion.

As always, it was a hell of a season, fellas. This league continues to be one of my top 5 favorite things in my life. Ranking somewhere above family, and slightly below beer.

A big thanks for reading all season. Happy New Year. I wish you all the best 2017. Except in fantasy football.