League Updates

Monday Night Preview


Here’s what the match-ups look like heading into Monday night.

ScottHansonsFluffer v. deMARYius WOODhead

Woody needs Jimmy Graham to score more than 35 points against Detroit (ranked 25th against TE) to pull out a victory. But even then, if my tight end, Eric Ebron, scores just a couple points, I win regardless.

Ladies and Edelman v. #BroNationEjaQlation

#Nick needs Megatron to be Megatron and score 19 points against the stingy Seattle defense (ranked 7th against WR).

JPP’s Finger Bang v. SheMyWendyPeffercorn

This shit is over. JeffWho drops to 0-4.

FireUpThatKush v. J.B.HaHaClintonDix

Timmy needs Russell Wilson to hustle and bustle his way to the bonus in yardage and score at least two touchdowns, plus have Bobby Wagner to fly around the field and get something like 8 tackles and an interception/forced fumble in order to make up the 41 points needed to beat Raleigh.

CrisCartersFallGuys v. OBJYN

It looks like Austin is about to go to 4-0. He only needs 0.41 points to win and has Doug Baldwin, Steven Hauschka, and the Seattle D all going tonight.

Big D Brady v. It Ertz when Eifert

In order to win, PWood needs a huge night from Golden Tate. Like, 2 TDs and the bonus. Josh is winning by 22 and has the non-Marshawn Seattle running back going tonight.

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