Power Rankings

2019 Power Rankings – Week 6

Week 6 #PowerRankings

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new shit to write about every week. This is one of those weeks. So welcome to the Toppa Blog Bye Week. Instead of breaking down your team’s performance this week, I’m just going to insert a gif that reminds me of your team. Enjoy.

12. For The Table (Last Week: 9)

11. Sympathy Weight (Last Week: 11)

10. C.R.E.A.M. Team (Last Week: 12)

9. BigRigHewitt (Last Week: 6)

8. Duke Caboom (Last Week: 4)

7. Derby Wing Night (Last Week: 8)

6. The Handy (Last Week: 7)

5. White Door Key (Last Week: 5)

4. Big Time Danny Dimes (Last Week: 1)

3. TB12 Method (Last Week: 10)

2. Fifth Pick’s 4 Flint (Last Week: 2)

1. James White Claws (Last Week: 3)

Kansas City (-3) is at Denver this week. Only one quarterback playing in this game has won a Super Bowl.

Lineups. Picks. Games. Beers. Chips. Salsa. Good Weekend!

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