Power Rankings

2018 Power Ranks – Week 4

I honestly thought about hanging it up. I was starting to think "What's the point?" Maybe I start using these old blogging fingers for something other than blogging. Maybe kneading some bread dough. Maybe knitting. Maybe typing other stuff. Maybe giving random strangers on the street finger guns. But like all aging superstars looking down… Continue reading 2018 Power Ranks – Week 4

Backyard Blog

2018 World Cup Preview!

Hell yes! I will do that! Thanks for suggesting that, totally real, and not at all made up person I have exchanged actual text messages from. Soccer! Soccer! Soccer! That’s right it’s your favorite globalist-cuck’s favorite sport. The game with a set time limit and 7 rules that somehow more “wussy” than the game where… Continue reading 2018 World Cup Preview!