League Updates



Is it too early to think about making the playoffs? Nope! Here are your up-to-the-minute playoff odds:

SexyRexy&RobTheSlob (6-1-0): Playoff Odds: 100%

SexyRexy&RobTheSlob CLINCH a Playoff spot IF:

  • SexyRexy&RobTheSlob BEAT ErectDecker  -AND-  Goodells A Man-gina BEAT Princess AmukaMARY;  OR
  • SexyRexy&RobTheSlob BEAT ErectDecker  -AND-  Wonderland VIP’s BEAT #TomFuckinMaini;  OR
  • SexyRexy&RobTheSlob BEAT ErectDecker  -AND-  Dr.MarkusWheatonBlvd BEAT Wide Right;  OR
  • [✓] SexyRexy&RobTheSlob BEAT ErectDecker  -AND-  Lance Harbor BEAT Funky Cold ‘Mendola  -AND-  Michos a Gurley-Man BEAT TuesdaysAtSpecks;  OR
  • SexyRexy&RobTheSlob BEAT ErectDecker  -AND-  Funky Cold ‘Mendola BEAT Lance Harbor  -AND-  TuesdaysAtSpecks BEAT Michos a Gurley-Man

ErectDecker (5-2-0): Playoff Odds: 98.44%

Goodells A Man-gina (5-2-0): Playoff Odds: 90.6%.

Michos a Gurley-Man (4-3-0): Playoff Odds: 99.08%

Wide Right (4-3-0): Playoff Odds: 61.12%

Princess AmukaMARY (3-4-0): Playoff Odds: 59.96%

#TomFuckinMaini (3-4-0): Playoff Odds: 64.40%

Funky Cold ‘Mendola (3-4-0): Playoff Odds: 54.16%

Dr.MarkusWheatonBlvd (3-4-0): Playoff Odds: 86.12%

Lance Harbor (3-4-0): Playoff Odds: 50.12%

TuesdaysAt (2-5-0): Playoff Odds: 32.76%

Wonderland VIP’s (1-6-0): Playoff Odds: 6.72%

By tomorrow I’ll be the first team to officially claim a playoff spot, thanks to some help from Brendo and JeffWho. Of course, no first place team has yet to win the championship, so it doesn’t mean a whole lot.

The one good thing about all the crappy football this year? Since any team is bad enough to lose to any other team on any given week, there are a lot of teams sitting around .500. And it turns out when almost half the league (14 teams) is either 4-3, 4-4, or 3-4, it translates to more than half of our league being either 4-3 or 3-4. And that means no one is eliminated from playoff contention. Even Vegas still has a shot.


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