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2018 Power Rankings – Week 11

Story time! Boom Boom was looking through the L.L. Bean catalog because now that we live in New England, we are in need of warmer clothes. Somehow, even though NYC is 35 degrees today and Newport is 30, the “Feels Like” in NYC is 30 but in Newport it's -2. Also, both of our work… Continue reading 2018 Power Rankings – Week 11

Power Rankings

2017 Power Rankings – Week 12

It’s still November for one more day, so we’re not gonna talk about Christmas yet. I stumbled upon an amazing little Thanksgiving trick this year: The Walkthrough. You know how the day before a game, teams have practice where they just walkthrough the plays and don’t tackle or even run around. That’s what we did… Continue reading 2017 Power Rankings – Week 12