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2018 Going-into-Toppa-SZN Power Ranks

The past two weekends have been two of the biggest weekends of the year for me, and maybe even my life. Three weekends ago, BoomBoom made an honest man out of me and decided to keep hanging out with me on a regular basis. The following weekend was Toppa Draft. Let's compare my wedding and… Continue reading 2018 Going-into-Toppa-SZN Power Ranks

Power Rankings

2016 Power Rankings – Week 6

Ahhh, it feels good to be back in America. And what a time to be back! Nothing makes you more proud of your country than have to explain that the person running for president of the country you live in┬álikes to grab women "by the pussy." Has Trump never been to a strip club? "Look… Continue reading 2016 Power Rankings – Week 6