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2018 Power Ranks – Toppa Bowl VIII Preview

We've been doing this thing for 8 years now, and while it's pretty much the best thing I have going in my life and every time I hear someone else talking about their fantasy league, I think in the back of my head, "You think your fantasy league is cool, but it fucking sucks compared… Continue reading 2018 Power Ranks – Toppa Bowl VIII Preview

Power Rankings

2018 Pre-Toppa Draft PowerRankings

Sorry that this post isn’t on the usual Thursday, I just got a new job and so I’m not comfortable enough to pretend like I’m working but instead am writing a blog. As for doing it after hours, at home, well... Succession is a really good TV show. But don’t worry, your boy’s got you… Continue reading 2018 Pre-Toppa Draft PowerRankings