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2018 World Cup Preview! (Part 2)

We're back!! I hope you're well rested. As promised we've got Groups E, F, G, & H. We've got some more powerhouses (Brazil & Germany), America's team and some dark horses with an outside shot to win the whole thing. Plus Tunisia! Let's jump into it. Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia Okay, so… Continue reading 2018 World Cup Preview! (Part 2)

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2018 World Cup Preview!

Hell yes! I will do that! Thanks for suggesting that, totally real, and not at all made up person I have exchanged actual text messages from. Soccer! Soccer! Soccer! That’s right it’s your favorite globalist-cuck’s favorite sport. The game with a set time limit and 7 rules that somehow more “wussy” than the game where… Continue reading 2018 World Cup Preview!

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Emergency “I’m not freaking out about Tom Brady’s thumb” Post

Some thoughts now that Tom Brady has been upgraded on the injury report to “questionable” for Sunday’s Conference Championship Game. HOLYFUCKINGSHITOHMYGODNOPLEASESHITGODDAMMITNOPLEASEUHOHGODDAMMITNONONONONONOSHITNO Belichick loves to mess with the injury report. Brady has been questionable like 40 times and never missed a game NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Tom Brady could beat the entire league left handed I do not want… Continue reading Emergency “I’m not freaking out about Tom Brady’s thumb” Post

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2017 Toppa Bowl Champions

Champions Again! Tiger's Wood defeats Finding Foerster 130.85 to 101.65 in Toppa Bowl VII to become the first ever back-to-back James M. Toppa Sr. Memorial Fantasy Football League champion. Twice as Nice I guess defense really does win championships. The Los Angeles Chargers defense put up 20 points against the Jets early Sunday afternoon. Kwon… Continue reading 2017 Toppa Bowl Champions

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2017 PowerRanks – Toppa Bowl Preview

Well, we've reached the end of the Fantasy Football SZN and that means it's time to give out the Dog Shits of the Year. 2017 Dog Shits of the Year   Before we start, let me just say that injuries are not factored into the 2017 DSOY awards, as those aren't the fault of the… Continue reading 2017 PowerRanks – Toppa Bowl Preview

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2017 PowerRanks – Conference Championship Preview

At least I made it to the playoffs. This week's playoff matchups were pretty crazy. In a year when the weekly team average score was 10 points less than the last 5 years, this week's 4 winning teams scored an average of 173 points. My team did not score 173 points. Plus I broke my… Continue reading 2017 PowerRanks – Conference Championship Preview

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2017 Power Ranks – Divisional Playoff Preview

Well, it's Christmastyme again because the FEEEEEEEEDD THAAAA WOOOOOOOOOOORRRRLLLDDD gang is telling me four times a day. If you're anything like me, that makes your anxiety go from 0 to 100 in the time it takes those jingle bells to ring. Presents! And of course, I'm not talking about the ones I'll be getting. Although,… Continue reading 2017 Power Ranks – Divisional Playoff Preview