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2018 Power Ranks – Week 4

I honestly thought about hanging it up. I was starting to think "What's the point?" Maybe I start using these old blogging fingers for something other than blogging. Maybe kneading some bread dough. Maybe knitting. Maybe typing other stuff. Maybe giving random strangers on the street finger guns. But like all aging superstars looking down… Continue reading 2018 Power Ranks – Week 4

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2018 Power Ranks – Week 2

Well I’ve watched two full Sunday’s worth of football, which means I’ve now seen the same 25 commercials 450 times each. And one question is really dumbfounding me this year. No it’s not: Why doesn’t Peyton Manning work with the black singer for Nationwide and only the white country singer? Is he racist? Why does… Continue reading 2018 Power Ranks – Week 2

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2018 Going-into-Toppa-SZN Power Ranks

The past two weekends have been two of the biggest weekends of the year for me, and maybe even my life. Three weekends ago, BoomBoom made an honest man out of me and decided to keep hanging out with me on a regular basis. The following weekend was Toppa Draft. Let's compare my wedding and… Continue reading 2018 Going-into-Toppa-SZN Power Ranks

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2018 Pre-Toppa Draft PowerRankings

Sorry that this post isn’t on the usual Thursday, I just got a new job and so I’m not comfortable enough to pretend like I’m working but instead am writing a blog. As for doing it after hours, at home, well... Succession is a really good TV show. But don’t worry, your boy’s got you… Continue reading 2018 Pre-Toppa Draft PowerRankings

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2018 Toppa Invite Power Ranks

I moved recently, and that meant I had to update my address. The United States Parcel Service has decided to keep up with the modern times and email you with what letters and packages are coming in the mail. I don't think I would've willingly signed up for this, as I already get 600 junk… Continue reading 2018 Toppa Invite Power Ranks

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2018 World Cup Preview! (Part 2)

We're back!! I hope you're well rested. As promised we've got Groups E, F, G, & H. We've got some more powerhouses (Brazil & Germany), America's team and some dark horses with an outside shot to win the whole thing. Plus Tunisia! Let's jump into it. Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia Okay, so… Continue reading 2018 World Cup Preview! (Part 2)